Hello From Fang – October 2014

Hello from Fangers! We’re still having happy, hoppy times here in California. We’re all used to the new yard and have learned that scaly things are just as fun to catch as furry things, that grass mushrooms are apparently very scrumptious (:P) and that crunchy leaves are the most fun of all. =)












Author: cldavis

I am a Sac State graduate with an International Business degree. I do consulting from home for Java programming, primarily in the Wicket framework. I have a wonderful fur-baby family, all with wonderful stories. Like with most cat-people, they're my kids.

12 thoughts on “Hello From Fang – October 2014”

    1. Haha, thanks guys! He wishes he were photogenic! – it takes a lotttt of pictures to get a cute one. One day I’ll have to post some outtakes. He’s ridiculous. 😛

  1. Look at you Fang! You are “one with nature”!

    Chasing scaly things, rolling around grass and dirt…pure bliss for a very special kitty!!!

    Fang IS photogenic! Those golden eyes…stunning!

    Glad everything is going so well. You and Fang are legends around here! Thanks for the great update and wonderful photos!

    Ear scratches to Fang!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Lookin good Fangers! It’s pawsome to hear from you. I love seeing photos of you in the great outdoors.

    So, what kinda scaly things are you catching these days?

  3. Thank you for your blog. My cat Bob (he has just a little stump of a tail) is having his surgery in 2 days, I’ve agonized over the decision to do it, but you’ve made me feel much better. Thanks so much for the information on what to expect.

    Debbie (Bob the Cat’s guardian)

  4. Thanks KJ! 🙂

    Debbie and Bob – I know how agonizing the decision making process is, and I’m so glad that we helped you feel a bit better about it. Fang and I wish you all the best, and send Bob lots of cat-nip-hugs! Let us know how he does – and if you want more experience, advice, or just someone to talk to, do try chatting on the Tripawds forums. There are lots of us out there, and we’ve all been there. It’s really hard, but you will make the best decision for your furbaby.

  5. Thank you so much! Searching all over the “net” for cat hind leg amputation information. I even watched a UTube of a fore leg amputation! Then I found “Fang”. Dolly Lama (under a different name) was abandoned in my neighborhood when his “Mom” moved. Shame on her! He has survived well as a neighborhod cat, well fed, grooms himself and is friendly to everyone. His leg tumor was quite large when I discovered it. I found a vet and had him seen within 36 hours. the first vet was a “substitute vet” and she said right away,” you want to consider amputation”. Within a few days I saw the owner of the clinic and she confirmed this was an aggressive cancer. (A needle biospy showed a few cells). she explained my options carefully including amputation. An associate of hers came in and also confirmed amputation was his only hope. She then referred me to another vet who treats cancer with some natural methods. so I have had 4 opinions–all concurring that amputation is his only path, along with Agaricus Bio, Meloxidyl, and Metformin. I was so glad to read about Fang because Dolly is definitly an outdoor cat and I was worried about his quality of life with 3 legs. Now I feel so much more confident of my decision. He will have his surgery Monday, Nov 10. I just can’t than you enough for your wed site; it has given me the courage to believe I am doing the right thing for Dolly. I am so glad you showed each day of recovery and also the things you did to make Fang comfortable.

  6. My Vet said that cats without a rear leg do better than when they lose a front one. 2 days after his surgery Bob was getting around fine. You definitely want to get rid of that tumor! Good for you caring for an abandoned cat!

  7. Well, I am at the same point that so many of you have been – my baby boy, Spencer, also has a large tumor on his belly right behind his right front leg (so my decision won’t be quite as easy as it was for many of you). Took him to the vet yesterday, and he didn’t hesitate to recommend amputation. It is certainly encouraging to find so many people who have been through this and most of whom had very positive results. Even though we have 6 cats (counting the female calico kitten who just showed up in early Fall. She fit easily into 2 cupped hands with room to spare)

    I had actually been thinking that we were looking at his rear leg, but you all have made me think again (without disturbing him in his “private” cabinet). I will be back, and I’m so glad I found this site!

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