Tripawd Cat Bracelet – A Work of Art

Hi guys! Well, I came home to a happy (hammy) Fang kitty, a warm family (kitties and humans alike), and I am very happy. And, not only that, but Tripawds had finished and shipped my custom Tripawds bracelet for Fang while I was gone – and let me tell you, it is absolutely a work of art! So, of course, I just have to share it with you!! (Click images for larger versions)

For those of you that don’t know, Rene A. (from Tripawds) makes absolutely gorgeous custom jewelry for Tripawd parents. You can order your own at the Tripawds Etsy site! They are truly, truly beautiful.

Fang's Tripawds Bracelet
Fang’s Tripawds Bracelet
Fang's Tripawds Bracelet
Fang’s Tripawds Bracelet (2)
Fang's Tripawds Bracelet
Fang’s Tripawds Bracelet (3)

Author: cldavis

I am a Sac State graduate with an International Business degree. I do consulting from home for Java programming, primarily in the Wicket framework. I have a wonderful fur-baby family, all with wonderful stories. Like with most cat-people, they're my kids.

11 thoughts on “Tripawd Cat Bracelet – A Work of Art”

  1. Awwww yay! I’m so glad you like it!!! WOOOHOO!!! What an honor to make this for you. If you need the size adjusted let me know, it looks like you have a teeny wrist!

    And welcome home!!

  2. That is beautiful. I love Rene’s jewelry. I need to take a picture of what I did with the 2 that she made for me. I put them on one chain. I love them & wear them all the time.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. I really support animals , especially ones with disabilities and their fight to want be who they are no matter how many legs they have. We rescued dot, and her brother and sister from a Pool Job sight at a Customers house that had way to many malnutrition cats. We brought her home when we found her at 3 weeks old. Ever since then she has been our baby and she realizes that we will be here for her. She is so close to us, its not even like shes a cat at all. We were so upset when we found our baby outside on the porch after 2 days of her missing. She fought to get away from whatever hurt her and she fought drag herself home. She knew we saved her the first time and took care of her. She knew if she made it home that we would help her and get her the medical attention she needed and we were not going to let her down.

    We took her to the vet immediately. They did not properly inform us of what was wrong with her and they did not show us all the x-rays. We were very upset and felt that she was not being taken care of. She was bleeding out of her stomach and there were air pockets under the fur. They got worse because Saturday they would not do the surgery or call the surgeon in to even look at it even though they had one on call. We told them we wanted to pay and have it done as soon as possible so she wasn’t in pain. They made us wait til Yesterday (Monday) because they said a surgeon was not actually on duty til then. We called a different vet so she would be treated properly. When we told them what happened to her, and what happened at the previous vet, they then told us they wanted her to come in right away for another checkup to make sure she was ok and to see when they wanted to do the surgery. The surgeon was there at the time but had regular work to do like checkups and shots. She let another Vet do her regular work and she did our kittys surgery. She said they usually do not do surgeries on the weekend but will still call someone in to look at it and if it is something that can be done in the office right then and there they said they do it and if it is something to serious they usually refer you to the main vet in the Pittsburgh area if it is needed for immediate attention. She saw how worried we were about our kitty and how they did not fully help us at the other vet.

    The first vet we took her to was a 24/7 Emergency animal hospital and they would not call in their surgeon to even look at her when they knew how bad her bones were broke and they didn’t inform us that they were broken that bad. The first vet for a check up was more than the amputation surgery itself and they did not tell us everything. I could see how uncomforted my cat felt at AVETS in Monroeville, PA. The Vet that did the sergery was East Suburban Animal Hospital in Export, PA and they are only a hospital and not a 24 hour facility and they still did everything they could to help us. I am so happy with the way she is taking it so far. I read this article before making the decision to go through with the amputation but putting her to sleep was not an option and the surgery for a femur/ hip replacement would have to much risk for infection especially in the hurt bone, cancer, arthritis, more pain, and more surgery to get out the pins after they heal or if she gets hurt again it could have bent the pins and hurt her bone more. You and Fang have helped me be able to make this decision and look forward to helping her rehabilitate So thank you so much for everything you, your vets, and the community do to help support, take care of and love these precious animals.

    We took our babygirl Dot yesterday to get her back right leg amputated. She is doing very well. As pet parents, it was a very scarey and hard decision to make. With the help of the Vets and Surgeons, you and Fang, we were able to made the decision to do the amputation. They said it would not be fixable as her femur was not only broken but completely twisted upside down, her joints to her hip that attached her femur were shattered and it punctured through the back side of her leg and in front of her hip. She is already trying to walk or stand to drink water when she is awake and thirsty so she is adapting well. I just want to give her the life that she deserves to have.

    The only worry we have is she loves to jump, play and climb, she is our adventurous cat and We want to help her be able to learn how to do those things again. Also I am afraid of her gaining weight or having other bone issues from having more pressure on them for her support.

    Thank you for everything,
    Racheal and John

    1. Racheal and John –

      I’m so glad that Fang’s story helped you guys see that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope that Dot feels better so soon! It’s awful to think that bad things can happen to our babies when they are out of our sight, but wonderful to know that kitties like Dot know that if they can make it home, their pawrents will do their absolute best to put their lives back together. Dot is lucky to have the pawrents that she does!

      I’m so sorry about your first vet experience. That is one thing I learned during Fang and my adventure – having a vet that you really like and trust truly matters – and there are all kinds of vets out there. It is really up to us as pet-parents to do what’s best medically for our furbabies, and finding the right vet is one of those things. I’m so glad that you guys finally were able to find an office that really seems to care for Dot.

      I’m so glad that Dot is doing well so far, and look forward to hear about her improvement in the future! As for your worries regarding playing and jumping – in my experience, Dot will learn to do those things on three legs on her own. Especially since she is already playful and adventurous – having one less leg will not change her personality. She’ll go back to being just that way. She will practice, practice, and learn her limitations (and push them out as she gets stronger) until in no time you’ll see that she’s the same kitty with the same abilities as before :). (Note that when she’s on pain meds at first you will need to watch her though – because she might strain herself in a way that should hurt her, but she wont notice. Later though, after she’s off the pain meds, just let her figure things out on her own).

      As to weight – you should try to keep weight down on three leggers because they have less legs to carry the weight. That mostly just means feeding her good food (not fat-filled dry food all the time) and letting her exercise. It sounds from your description that she is already a player, so she probably isn’t one to have weight problems. She will likely continue to stay lean, then, since she’s not one to lay around anyway. 🙂

      Finally, regarding bone issues – I suggest introducing Dasuquin joint supplement powder into Dot’s wet food. My cats (who are picky picky) don’t mind it at all (or notice it, it seems) and it helps keep bones strong!

      I hope that helps! Best wishes to you and Dot!

  4. Thank you so much for all our your support. She is healing good so far. Her furr is growing back more where the incision is rather than the rest of her, but I guess that’s a good thing. Now she is trying to rip her stitches out and she keeps trying to get outside. When she gets out it is so hard to catch her, she goes just as fast on 3 legs when shes out there.

    I really would like to make my own blog about her and her recovery for you and others to follow but I am not sure how to create one. I tried going onto tripawds main webpage but it sent me to a dog link? Is there a link or certain webpage on this site that you have to go to or that you could send me to create one?

    Thank you so much,
    Racheal and John

  5. Your bracelet is beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. You really helped me prepare for the amputation of my kitten’s leg. I don’t think I would have been as confident with my decision without you and Fang.

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