Trikitty Fang – Update, Video and Pictures

Hello everypawdy,

Unfortunately, upon taking Fang’s brother Wikka to the vet to diagnose a cold that never seemed to go away, we found out that he had a malignant tumor which had worked it’s way from his sinuses into his brain. There was nothing we could do as a tumor in that location really can’t be removed, and so we helped him cross the rainbow bridge on March 18th 2015. We miss him very much, but we thank our lucky stars that he never had to feel any pain or what I’m sure would have been the extremely negative affects of a brain tumor. We buried him in his back yard where he can be with the birds, flowers and his brothers. He had a happy and long life, and he never suffered. I couldn’t ask for more than that.

We miss Wikka dearly, and the experience made me remember again, in sharp detail, the shock and difficulty making a decision about Fang’s amputation when we found his tumor in a similar seemingly normal vet visit. I am so thankful that Fang’s tumor was in such an ‘easy’ place to remove.

It’s funny to think of that now – ‘easy to remove an arm’ – but it’s true. Fang continues to have a happy and healthy life without it, and I thank the heavens for the courage to go through this journey with him. It’s been 2 years, 6 months and 9 days since Fang had his front leg amputated, and at 13 years old he is still happily hopping around, laying in the sun, and just generally being a happy kitty.

By the way, Tripawds (my lifeline source for Fang’s amputation, and really the best place I’ve found for information, news and stories on tripod cats and dogs) has redone their website and made all of that tripod information even more accessible. They’ve also been up to a lot of other useful things, like creating informational pamphlets for veterinary offices,  hosting Tripawd get-togethers, setting up new means of communication for those of us in the Tripawd community, and just generally continuing to raise awareness for tripod animals. They’ve also gained a lot more tripod cat information since Fang and I first delved into the tripod life. Fang and I were extremely thankful for Tripawds support while we went through all of this, and we hope that if you are in the same boat you will find them just as helpful!

Here is a little mishmash video of Fang hanging out in the yard with his brothers (who he totally owns, by the way) 🙂 <Here is a link to the video for those of you with issues viewing embedded video content>

And now…. pictures!

20150512-DSC01883sm20150512-DSC01928sm20150512-DSC01885sm20150512-DSC01916smEDIT: <Something happened to my post earlier with strange characters and all sorts of stuff, so here is a redo>

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10 thoughts on “Trikitty Fang – Update, Video and Pictures”

  1. So sorry to hear about sweet Wikka. You gave the selfless gift of love when Wikka needed it most. You let Wikka go with dignitw and free from pain. I know it’s hard and I know you’ll feel the voild for a long time. The good memories will soon help push the sadness in the background. Wikka was loved and cared for and spoiled! And that made Wikka very happy

    Fang has been a trailblazer for so many kitties here! Such an nspirational journey of courage and determination!!

    You and Fang have certainly helped shape Tripawds into what it is today.

    So glad you updated is today. Fang looks so fit and handsome! I’m having tavlet problems so I couldn’t see the video…I’ll come back though!


    Keep those photos coming! You are runway model material!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. You are always the kindest! Thank you for your condolences – we are glad that if Wikka had to go, he went the way that he did.

    Hah! Well at least Fang is more fit than he was for the last video! 😛 I added a link above the video for those with problems viewing embedded content.

  3. Thanks! I just got to see the video! Just like Fang, I’ll have a pep in my step and a smile on my face all day!! 🙂

  4. I am sorry to hear about Wikka. I am so glad you & Fang joined Tripawds and broke the way for our Tripawd kitties. 🙂 Today actually would have been my Sassy’s ampuversary. Loved the videos

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Thank you for your condolences – you have always been very supportive. We are so happy that we joined Tripawds as well and got to meet all the inspirational pawrents like you! I’m sure that Sassy is happily enjoying the celebration across the Rainbow bridge alongside you! 🙂

  5. Chantal! We’ve had a crazy past few days so just now had a chance to catch up. I didn’t know about Wikka, I’m so very sorry to hear you all went through this. Please accept my condolences. You are such a great mom, I know you sent him off with grace and love, and he is always by your side.

    Love the video of Fang, and the photos though. Wow! You really put smiles on our faces with those. Give Fang an Oscar, that movie is fantastic!

    xoxo Thank you for the kind words about our upgrades and latest activities, that means more than you know.

    1. I’m glad you guys got everything all figured out! I’m sure it was very stressful. Heehee, yeah Fang can be a cutie when he wants to be. And thank you for your condolences – I’m sure Wikka’s with us still.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Wikka. I think Sally said it best, as she so often does. You gave him love when he needed it most.

    It is wonderful to see Fang doing so well at 13 years old with three legs! He is truly amazing and an inspiration for us all. His story made all the difference for us and I thank you again (and I probably will continue to thank you every chance I get)!

    Jenn & Sebastian

    1. I’m so glad that Fang helped make a difference in your decision with Sebastian! Fang really is doing very well – I couldn’t be more pleased. =)

  7. We just got Francis’s sutures removed after his front leg amputation.

    When I learned that this was our best option, it was very difficult to think about. I came across your stories and pictures (Francis is also a black cat) – it gave me a lot of hope and peace.

    He seems to be doing very well, and he is already getting into more mischief 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes to you.

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