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Fang's Story

Cat Amputation – Our cat's transition to having three legs instead of four

Day 1 – After Amputation

November 4th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Fang's Story

Sleeping the first day home after surgery

Sleeping the first day home after surgery

We brought Fang home today after his front left leg amputation. I will admit, the staples were startling for sure, especially at first sight. They had him in a cone, which he hated, so we switched him to onesies. After four hours he somehow managed to twist the onesie so much that his other leg was stuck inside it and the arm hole was over the staples and he was growling and kicking and just generally peeved about the whole cat-clothing situation. So, I had to cut some of it to get him comfortable again and he’s so much happier now that we’re doing a “watch to make sure he doesnt mess with his staples” method instead of the cone etc. The onesie is still there but it’s not doing a WHOLE lot of good, though it’s helping a bit. He also ditched our nice little bed we made him in the corner to lay under the bed. He seems much more comfortable down there and went immediately to sleep so we just left him be down there. Obviously, we’re checking on him every three minutes. Besides the growling and anger over the collar and then the onesie, he’s been sleeping pretty well, even purring and rubbing his face on my hand at one point. I think things are going to be okay – he’s already obviously figured out how to get himself over to and under the bed so I guess even drugged up with a foot patch he’s managing to get around alright-ish.

Oh and he has a major appetite – he didn’t eat anything at the vets but when he came home he ate like a pig (poor boy didn’t eat at all yesterday, so I imagine that’s why).

That’s all I can really update now. I need to go back and lay on the floor with him for a while (makes me feel better).

Additional edit: Fang just came out from under the bed, sat on my lap for a while, and then proceeded to get up and jump his little butt onto the bed to nap up there. I am amazed. Day 1 without one of his legs, and he seems to be doing alright. 🙂

Another update: Just now before I could stop him, Fang went over to the baby-gate at the door, leapt over it, landed on his one foot without hitting his shoulder, and went into the deep covered litter box in the bathroom (which he never ever uses – guess he didn’t like the one I bought and had in the bedroom..). I am shocked. He is such a gangster. Too bad now he wants to go outside and he’s peeved that we’re not letting him. He had a little fit at the door.


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  • maximutt

    Glad to hear your boy is back home and on the recovery road. Hopefully he’ll have an uneventful one!

  • Leslie

    Such great news! I’m so glad Fang is doing great. Just prepare yourself just in case he has a dip over the next few days. Hopefully he won’t, but please know that if he does its completely normal. Sometimes when the good juice from the vets office wears off they feel it a bit more.

    And isn’t it just like a cat to pitch a fit for not letting them do exactly as they please? 🙂


  • cldavis

    Thanks for that, I would have been really worried if I saw a dip and didn’t know why it was happening. He’s resting pretty good now.

  • labsrus

    Yeah for Fang! He is such a gangster!
    It’s just amazing how fast they can adapt. Wishing you a smooth two weeks for recovery. Can’t imagine a tripawd that needs to use a litter box… we have a cat, but it’s our dog who’s the tripawd in the house… and he goes outside to go potty. So I’d worry about a cat not wanting to use a litter box if he felt bad.

    Really glad to hear your good report. You’re doing great!
    I will be following you and keeping you and Fang in my prayers.

  • cldavis

    Thanks for the well wishes! Fang usually goes outside too – I had never seen him use a litter box before yesterday in my life so, big deal for sure! 🙂

  • jerry

    Fang that is WONDERFUL! My apologies for the late response, I’m just now back online after being at a conference all weekend. I’m so happy to hear he’s got his spark lit so soon after surgery. Go Fang!

  • cldavis

    We are so proud 🙂

  • Dareth

    What size of onesie did you use? I think I might go get Misty one tonight… she has on a little mini pet-t-shirt but the neck is so wide that it keeps coming down and it’s not comvering the scar at all. She seems more annoyed by the presence of the tshirt than the stitches, but in my own experience stitches get itchier the closer you get to the day of removal… so I figure I am better off getting her set up with one now than when she definitely needs it. Also, when I came to get her from the vet today, she was sleeping in the litterbox and the tshirt doesn’t smell very good. She does that when she’s upset, and she is always upset to be at the vet. This is the only time she’s ever been there overnight.

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