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Fang's Story

Cat Amputation – Our cat's transition to having three legs instead of four

The World is Getting A Little… Smaller? – 9 Months

July 28th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Fang's Story

Fang outside at about 9 months after amputation

Fang outside at about 9 months after amputation

It’s been nearly nine months since Fang’s amputation, and we’ve come to another big crossroads in our lives as pawrent and fur-baby.

As you might know from previous entries, Fang is an outdoor kitty. Well, he can come inside if he wants (but he hates it), but when left to his own accord he spends all of his time outside, hopping cattle fences, meandering around with the horses, chasing furry critters, hiding in the grass, and sunbathing on various benches around the property. He was a feral kitten to begin with and that outdoor-loving, independent streak never left him. In fact, he refuses to use the litter box – he just goes outside like a dog. He is a country cat, and he has never lived near a street, or cars, or residential area in his life.

Well, all things come to an end. Unfortunately, it has come time to sell this property –  too big, the mortgage is too high, and the land is difficult to maintain. So, where do we go from here? My parents have a home in a nearby residential neighborhood, and I am moving to an even more compact (and lower income) residential neighborhood than they are.

Fang could stay with me, but what is he going to do when there are cars and streets everywhere? Is he going to freak out and run away trying to find “home”? Are kids/teenagers going to do mean things to him (I have some awful stories regarding this from friends, neighbors and my own experiences – pellet guns, etc)? Not to mention, my place will have no outdoor space at all (15 feet of grass, tops). Fang would be horrified.

He could stay with his grandpawrents instead – while still residential, their new house has a large yard and the back and side open onto big fields and a creek. Unfortunately kids and teenagers play out there on dirt bikes, smoke pot, light fireworks, start fires and generally cause havoc as they always do in unfenced “public” fields, but at least there are fields. He would likely be a happier kitty, but I would miss him terribly.

Well, I’ve got about 1 month to decide. Whatever we do, I’m sure we’ll be okay. He’s gone through worse than a property change. When he was going to get his arm off I thought he would freak out, run away and never forgive me. And here he is living life, kicking butt, and taking names like always. Clearly, he’s pretty adaptable.

An outside Fangers is a happy Fangers (not that he'd lower himself to telling anyone about it :P )

An outside Fangers is a happy Fangers (not that he’d lower himself to telling anyone about it 😛 )


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  • benny55

    Well Fang…you certainy are one determined little kitty! “Your way or no way”, huh?

    Perhaps in this next mo th you can learn the jysof being an i side ct! Do you kow how many kitties would give their “kitty fangs” (I guess that’s the equivalent of a human’s ‘eye teeth’) to be able to stay doors? But not Fang!!

    You are one handsome kitty by the way! I think you can use your charm and good looks to get anything you want!

    All I can say to your momma is that she will be guided to the right answer of what’s best for you! Ya’ see, mom’s like to play it safe when it comes to their kitty kids! I kow you prefer living on the edge where the risks are so much fun!!

    Whatever the decision, I’m sure your momma knows wherever you move, she has to keep yo “locked up” long enough for you to realize “home is where the mom is…..or where the grandparents are”!

    Keep us posted and thaks for sharing the notos! He REALLY is a good looking fella’!


  • cldavis

    Hey there! Thanks for the comment and well wishes!

    Hahaha, Fangers would never find joy in being an inside cat. My other two will be just fine inside – I’m not worried about them. But Fangers is on a whole nother lever. You should have seen me trying to keep him inside after his surgery!

    Yep, mommy is certainly not a risk taker with her fur baby. Argh! Oh, and keeping him in for even a few days to learn about “home” will be a disaster in itself – like I said, he REFUSES to use the litter box. He will dance around, beg at the door, cry, and then eventually (after a whole day or two of holding it), go on a curtain. I know this from experience *face palm*.

    Haha, thank you, he is a handsome boy! He has truly been a joy in my life. I can’t imagine not seeing his furry little face every day!

  • kittymom

    What a tough decision. Having three formerly feral cats myself I can sympathize. Inside is hard for them, but they can adjust with time. Is a screened porch possible? I have no doubt Fang can outsmart any rotten kids! Keep us posted-your blog has been a huge help to my baby and me after her amputation. Thanks so much for sharing Fang with us:)

  • Birdie

    Fang’s is inspiring. What is the latest news with Fang, the other kitties and your move? I agree he might enjoy a screened in porch. You and Fang are awesome.:-)

  • cldavis

    Hey there! Wow, it has been a while since I posted, hasn’t it? Things have been busy with moving me, and then moving my parents, and then I had a touch of dental surgery done that had/has me down for the count for a bit.

    When I moved, I let Fang stay with my parents at the rural house that he’s been in for his whole life. They just had the sale of the house finalized and completed, so Fang spent his first night at their new house the night before last. He was up all night meowing – I wanted to be with him but have been stuck at my house all med-ed up for my mouth. Last night apparently though he was much better. He hopped up into bed between my parents, took as much space as kitty-possible and slept all night without problems.

    He hasn’t gone outside yet, obviously, but we will take things as they come. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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