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Fang's Story

Cat Amputation – Our cat's transition to having three legs instead of four

Fang’s One Month Ampuversary

December 6th, 2012 · 12 Comments · Fang's Story

Fang lounging around outside

Fang lounging around outside

Alright, I’m a little late writing Fang’s one month update – I’ve been a busy girl! So, really this is a one month and 5 days update!

Fang the three-legger is still doing wonderfully. The weather has been a little rainy, so he’s been inside more often and is displeased about it, as usual. However, when it’s nice enough to go out he’s been spending his time stalking gophers in one of our fields. He is still amazingly fast, even on three legs – those little things don’t have a chance!

"Mmmmmmm, Gopher!"

“Mmmmmmm, Gopher!”

The loss of his leg has not slowed him down at all. He’s now figured out how to balance on his two back legs if he needs to lift of his front leg (to clean his paw, scratch at the door, etc) without problems. He still jumps up and down from things without issue, and does not choose the “easiest” route down like I thought he would. A lot of our furniture is close together (small house), but when he’s on something high up, he still just jumps straight to the floor rather than using lower furniture as steps. Clearly he feels pretty confident in himself. I’ve also seen him, on many occasions, easily walking along thin pieces of wood and still keeping his balance (which is amazing to me, since I can’t walk on a curb without falling over, lol). And, of course, he’s back to hopping the cow fences and going into whatever fields he wants to go into.

Fang balances on his back legs when he needs his front paw

Fang balances on his back legs when he needs his front paw

His hair is slow to grow back – though it is coming along! I think I remember reading that cats only grow hair during certain times of the year, so I’m glad that its growing back at all! His incision site, though, is completely healed. There is a teeny piece of scab hanging on to the tippity top of the ex-wound (the area that had scabbed first when he came home), but I think it’s there for no reason. Still, I’m letting it come off whenever it wants to.

Fang's Hair Slowly Grows Back

Fang’s hair is slowly growing back. The area where the incision used to be is now super flexible, malleable and “foldy” like normal kitty skin

Otherwise, life has really gone completely back to normal. I’m not worried about him at all – he does whatever he wants, like he always did, and I’m so confident in his abilities that I just don’t think about it. I am so grateful for his quick recovery, adaptability, and the support of the Tripawds community (I wouldn’t have made this decision without you!). I am extraordinarily glad that Fang’s blog has already had a few kitty pre-amputation readers, and that it has helped them feel more optimistic about their kitties’ impending surgeries! We are so thankful to help other people through this frightening event!

And we are even MORE thankful that we’ve had a couple of other kitty amputees feel inspired to create Tripawds blogs of their own! I truly believe that more information and stories about real life cat amputations will so help others facing such a difficult decision. I remember how difficult it was to THINK of Fang with three legs, and how relieving it was to talk to other three-legged pet owners. But, there just aren’t very many three-legged CAT stories out there to look at, even though there are tons of three legged cats! If you’d like to see Xerox’s and Jill’s stories, check out my links (to the upper right on this page). I will try to add more links as other cat amputees join the Tripawd community, and of course, you can always search for more pet amputation stories and advice on the Tripawds website.

On to another three-legged month!!

Fang Standing Around

Realized I had no pictures of Fang standing anywhere


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  • rica55

    Happy ampuversary Fang!! Thank you to you and your mommy for your wonderful blog!!! It has helped us so much and we can’t wait to hear all about your continued road to recovery. You are an inspiration!

    Erica and Jill

  • maximutt

    Happy Ampuversary Fang!! You are looking good!!

  • jerry

    Pawesome! Pawesome! Pawesome!

    Oh Fang, this is the best update yet. To know that you are out there living life as only you know how, is wonderful and inspawarational.

    Kitty Tripawds unite! Fang, you are their fearless leader. You really show them felines how to live!!

  • cldavis

    Haha, thanks guys! You always know how to make a kitty feel proud!! 😀

  • labsrus

    Fantastic milestone and blog report!

    Fang, you are a true inspiration to cats all over.
    I truly hope you live a long and happy life!
    Thanks for the B.E.A.Utiful pictures of your gorgeous tripawd cat!

  • mschelleau

    Wow. One month!

    I found your blog originally because Freya was scheduled to have her rear left leg aputated on 28 November 2012, but this date was postponed as the vet decided to consult with a specialist as her leg was healing so well.

    However, today it has been decided to go ahead with amputation and so we just need to finalise the date, but it looks like my Xmas present this year will be a three legged cat.

    Your comment about needing more info for other cat owners facing this choice struck a cord and so I’ve joined up for the blogs here and hope to have a blog up in the next day or two.

    I’m so pleased Fang and you are doing well. I go between hopeful and scared and then optimistic and then sad, but I know your journey has been one of good and so I can only hope Freya will be as lucky and blessed as Fang.

    Michelle and Freya

  • rica55

    Yay Michelle! So glad we will have another kitty tripawd blogger! Please let me know if you have any questions. My baby’s surgery was just today so I may not have all the answers yet but I can try :):). Freya will be great. I was so scared and I just got home from seeing Jill at the hospital and she is already purring away just ten hours after surgery. Xoxo

    Erica and Jill

  • cldavis

    Labsrus – Thank you so much for the well wishes!! We are so thankful to receive them!

    Michelle and Freya – I am extremely glad that you’ve decided to start a blog about Freya’s journey! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, or anything I can help you with at all. Welcome to the Tripawds community! You’re story will SO help other almost-kitty-tripods out there to recognize that kitties do wonderfully with adapting to change (and we pet parents do too – but maybe not quite as well! Hah!). Please drop me a link whenever you set it up, so I can add it to the links on Fang’s blog, and so I can follow your story! Things will be better than you might think 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping a line!

  • rica55

    Fang is our leader!

  • princess

    A belated hoppy ampuversary. Fang is looking good!

  • mschelleau


    I have started my blog at (Freya’s tale). Not sure how to link but will leave that for another day. No photos as yet, but soon.

    FYI, Freya well, day one after amputation and is right now curled up between my legs as I type and I’m not moving anywhere.

    Thanks so much for your blog – so much help to me.

    Michelle and Freya

  • Kathleen

    Thank you so much for creating this site. My rescue cat, Lula, has developed a tumor on her front left leg and the veterinary oncologist is suggesting we amputate it. I am up for it if she can continue to live a happy and healthy life and Fang’s story is extremely encouraging.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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