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Fang's Story

Cat Amputation – Our cat's transition to having three legs instead of four

Day 5 – After Amputation

November 8th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Fang's Story

Château du Fang

“Château du Fang” – with his little hind paws sticking out the bottom.

Fang’s coffee table has now become Château du Fang – I just removed the lower shelf so he could sit up while he’s in there, and now he’s got a little tent like structure. He seems to like it. I also have his litter box in there out to the side which makes him feel more comfortable using the potty away from prying eyes. Now that he’s off of pain medication he seems more like himself and much more awake. He’s still sleeping during the day, but he always did that. He doesn’t seem as sick, drugged out, or shaky, and that’s much better. He also doesn’t seem to be in any pain – he even lays on his “bad” side so it must not be that tender. I’ve even felt good enough about him that I’ve been able to leave the room for bits of time, which is nice. I was finally able to take out the garbage, feed the chickens, etc so… It felt food for me too!

I should mention that he still hasn’t pooped – I told the vet but she didn’t seem worried. Might be constipation from the pain patch, which should now resolve itself. And I’ve been giving him really liquidy foods so he might just not legitimately have to go yet. That’s really the only hang up at the moment.

Oh, and we have not needed to use any onesies or the cone at all. He just isn’t interested in the staples. He gave the ones he could reach some light licks, but that’s fine (there’s a reason cats lick their wounds, ya know. It’s quite clean). As long as he doesn’t bite at them, he’s in the clear as far as I’m concerned.

Onto another night we go!

A blurry Fang sitting under the desk

A blurry Fang sitting under the desk


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  • labsrus

    It’s sounding really good for the both of you!
    Thanks for the update and photo. Fang looks just great for all he’s been through 🙂
    I’m going to send your blog link to my sister-in-law so she can follow along too. He cat Murphy looked just like Fang.

    Here’s to continued success!

  • cldavis

    Thanks! I’m pretty positive all of your guys’ good thoughts are making this a better recovery because… they can’t always recoup this well, can they!?! 😀

  • Emily

    Thank you for posting this! My little black cat just got her back left leg amputated and this sights been really helpful! Glad your kitty is healing nicely!

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