Setting Sugery Day

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Surgery day is set for this Saturday, 11/3/12 (my birthday, as it were). I am agonizing over it. Half of me thinks it’s too soon and I want to put it off, and the other half worries that I’m waiting too long and by the time Saturday comes Fang’s tumor will have started to hurt him. I guess all I can do is hope for the best.

The good thing about it being on my birthday is that I’ll have people to talk to to keep me from going absolutely nuts. Maybe.

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Author: cldavis

I am a Sac State graduate with an International Business degree. I do consulting from home for Java programming, primarily in the Wicket framework. I have a wonderful fur-baby family, all with wonderful stories. Like with most cat-people, they're my kids.

6 thoughts on “Setting Sugery Day”

  1. Hang in there and stand by your decision. I know it’s a difficult one. We are all here for you and wish you and Fang the absolute very best. Hoping for a smooth surgery, recovery and transition into tripawd life.

    Please keep us posted. You will be in our prayers.

  2. I wouldn’t expect that wishy-washy feeling to go away. While there is still an option you’re still going to question yourself. The only thing you can do is trust that you have made the best decision for Fang, as his owner. That’s all there is to consider really. Also, I just saw your question about the scapula over on the forums. My cat’s scapula was taken along with the leg. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always right, but it seems the easiest for healing and maneuvering, etc. I’m so sorry this has to happen on your birthday, but I hope your boyfriend is able to keep you occupied and help you through the rough moments you may have. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


  3. I’m hanging in there! I’ve sort of run out of things to do to make the house ready for his recoup (which isn’t much anyway), so now I’m just wringing my hands and nervously, worriedly waiting for the day. I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

  4. I just wanted to say hello and wish you and Fang the best.

    I lived with a black cat (Zippy) for 6 years and he was an absolute joy. Seeing your Fang reminded me of him, especially since today is Halloween (a.k.a. Zippy-Cat Day).

    Your quote on your blog is right on…you are not doing it TO him, you are doing it FOR him. Giving an animal at a shot at life is worth it. Have faith in your decisions and know that you have a lot of people here to lean on and ask questions.

    Kori & Angel Lupe

  5. You know what, THREE is a MAGIC number! Seriously. It’s my Angelversary, and it’s also two days after my Dad’s birthday, and YOUR birthday, so you can’t go wrong.

    Things will be fine. You’ve done your homework, you know what to expect, and ultimately Fang will simply amaze you with his resiliency. Hang in there!

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